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We are producing content and tools to help Software Developers control their life and career. We use this digest to share materials we encounter during our research. You will get new issues 1-2 times a month. Our curated digest will help you learn and grow faster in the most competiti... Read more

We are producing content and tools to help Software Developers control their life and career.

We use this digest to share materials we encounter during our research.

You will get new issues 1-2 times a month.

Our curated digest will help you learn and grow faster in the most competitive industry. It features hand-picked quality stuff you need to build a successful career in Tech, while having a great life outside work.

The list of topics we cover at Metadevelopoment:

- career-related materials 👩‍💻
- engineering philosophy ⚙️
- learning methodologies 📚
- lifestyle and productivity 🥑
- bootstrapped business and side-projects 💵

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Changes, changes, changes...

The recent big news in the Tech world is definitely GPT-3. Are you worried about the future of humanity or our profession when you see news like that? It definitely makes me think about the possible future.


Special Edition for the Most Passionate Developers 💙

What is the ideal age to retire? Never, according to a neuroscientist—wondered why some people do not want to retire?Dropbox VP, Product and Growth Adam Nash on great product leaders | Amplify 2019 - YouTube—a great video on how to prioritize features in a pr…


How to Join the Resistance and Code Stoically

The Engineer’s Guide to Career Growth — Advice from My Time at Stripe and Facebook 🤵Beginner’s Guide to Attending Conferences—while quarantined, you can use this opportunity to prepare for your next conferenceWhy Consulting Is A Job Everyone Needs To Experien…


How to Stop Worrying and Start Working Remotely 🦠

Accelerate your career with a Personal Board of Directors | Paul Banoub's VizNinja Blog — An interesting overview of different kinds of partners and mentors you need to boost your careerjustinamiller/SoftwareArchitect: Path to a Software Architect — A good ge…


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #19

The Lesson to Unlearn 🎓Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering — A structured and thoughtful list of things that a CTO/VPE may consider in their new roleThe Common Denominator of Success“The common denominator of success — the secret of success of every m…


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #18

Ask HN: I've been slacking off at Google for 6 years. How can I stop this? 🐨Finding your first remote job


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #17

Pointless work meetings 'really a form of therapy' 👔3 Signs You Should Quit After Your First Day On The JobDo the Rich Get All the Gains from Economic Growth? 💰Moving on — about good reasons to move on


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #16

Salary ranges for IT roles in Berlin, from a Director of IT 💰Some Notes on Microsoft Culture - Rico Mariani — Great article on how a culture may vary inside a single company 👔Anonymous advice: What's good career advice you wouldn’t want to have your name on? …


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #15

For me, saying no is an accomplishment 🚫10 shades of MVP (or: how to develop a product without developing a product...) — Almost every kind of MVP you need to consider before writing code. You can use it as a checklist to examine which one would suit better f…


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #14

Zero to 45k users: how we created a chatbot to track airfares — A nice case for launching a side-project ✈️A forty year career — A very interesting take on long-term career by a developer with 20 years of experienceHere's How Google Knows in Less Than 5 Minut…


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #13

What I’ve learned interviewing 500 people: the interviewer skills ladder for high growth software companies 👥No CS Degree — Inspiring interviews with successful self-taught and bootcamp developers 🚫🎓How to Manage Your Boss — Some advice on managing up. Releva…


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #12

How Notion pulled itself back from the brink of failureGitHub stars won’t pay your rent 🌟How To Work Remotely The Right WayThe Psychology of Money💰


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #11

Land of the “Super Founders“— A Data-Driven Approach to Uncover the Secrets of Billion Dollar… — Very interesting stats on "unicorns". 📈See also The Ultimate Startup Failure Rate Report [2019], this Why Some Startups Succeed (and Why Most Fail), and this Most…


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #10

The idea maze 🧩The Resignation Counter Offer and the Danger It Presents — Should you accept a counter offer?Remote only — manifesto and tips from Gitlab. We actually adopted a shorter version for our team 🌋


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #9

How To Be Successful — Like it. Especially the part on working hard. I was trying to work hard, then to work smart. Turns out neither was sustainable. Time to work hard and smart 💪🧠Surprising thread on why VC is the best type of investments everGive Up on Wor…


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #8

The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand — Everything you need to know about personal branding. Especially, check this part about connecting with mentors out. 🧙‍♀️“Meta” Advocacy — How to fix something you feel passionate about at your work.


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #7

It Is Your Responsibility to Follow Up — On the art of following up 📨Country Comparison - Hofstede Insights — a Cultural compass: a comparison of country culture based on business-oriented aspectsTurning Side Projects into Profitable Startups by Pieter Levels…


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #6

Creating a Career Ladder for Engineers — A useful presentation for those who may design career laddersThe Update, The Vent, and The Disaster — On 1:1 meetings 🤝S.I.M.P.L.E. before S.M.A.R.T. – How to do product experiments more effectively


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #5

Engineering Management: The Pendulum Or The LadderWhat Seven Years at Airbnb Taught Me About Building a BusinessYou should have a personal web site ­— An interesting opinion on why you should have a personal website


Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #4

Google asked 5,600 employees about remote work. This is what they learnedWhy finding a hobby you love could save your career 🎨