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Changes, changes, changes...

Changes, changes, changes...
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Hello, dear subscribers!
We have not sent you any updates for the past 3 months, as we are making some changes to Metadevelopment, both from the business sides of things, as well as changes in the community and our communications.
First and foremost, this Digest will be compiled by Alex from now on. I will add some personal touch to new issues and will share more current thoughts.
I will use the Digest and @mtdvio twitter account as the main communication tools for whatever is relevant for the community. If you want to see some useful content more often - consider following us on twitter.
Second, we are shifting our focus for the community. We used our Slack quite passively to share and discuss the information, but we see the need to take a more active part in helping our members with their goals, commitments and progress. So far, we have introduced an Open Coaching format, where I do personal coaching on a live webinar for a member of our community and every one else can watch it, ask questions and comment on what is discussed.
We have made one of our Open Coaching sessions public and open for everyone. Check it out on Crowdcast!
I would also ask you to drop us a line (reply to this email) and tell us whether you liked it or not.

Tech stuff
The recent big news in the Tech world is definitely GPT-3. Are you worried about the future of humanity or our profession when you see news like that? It definitely makes me think about the possible future.
Ed Leon Klinger
Today the world changed forever.
Why? Because a group of Artificial Intelligence researchers released something called "GPT-3".
In short: it's a computer program that can interact like a ridiculously intelligent human.
And it will blow your mind 👇
Another breathtaking technology which I found quite amazing and unbelievable is “xenobots”. Xenobots are first in it’s kind living robots!
Here, watch this video and share it with your friends:
This is the First LIVING Robot and it's Unbelievable
This is the First LIVING Robot and it's Unbelievable
Career and Business
There were a lot of good threads in twitter I’ve found during this time, but I want to highlight these:
Segun Adebayo
📝 Lessons learned today:

As a Software engineer, learning how to introduce yourself and communicating what you do clearly can make a lot of difference in your career.

If you ever need to talk about yourself via DM or email, here are 4 tips I discovered:

👇🏼 Thread

Looking to start or join a company in Europe? Here's a list of 40+ European visas for tech founders and employees 🇪🇺

Nader Dabit
The consulting pricing ladder.

This is how I jumped from $75/hr to $250/hr (remote) and $1,500/hr (on-site) in less than 2 years as an independent consultant. 📈

Thread👇 (1/4)
Tom Hirst
Pricing freelancing projects.

Everything I've learned.

A thread.
Michael Margolis
I changed my @linkedin avatar to include my toddler. Results after 2 months:

⬇️ 90% Recruiters for manager roles
⬇️ 100% Recruiters for senior leadership roles
⬇️ 100% Requests to join early startup or co-found a company
Amy ☀️
Separating my job/employer from my identity and sense of self-worth did wonders for my mental health, and for my career. (Thread 1/)
Daniel Vassallo
Stop forcing yourself to build good habits.

Start wanting to do something.

The good habits will follow automatically.

And it's much more fun this way. No fighting with yourself.
Tools and Resources
  • We have released Web Development resources list on GitHub. Hope you will find it to be helpful!
  • If you are thinking about bootstrapping a small SaaS business or monetize your side project, I highly recommend to read a freshly released book Zero To Sold. It is written by a bootstrapped founder and covers all the basics I wish I knew back in the days when I decided to mess with my startups.
  • A great talk called “Are we really engineers?” will explain the idea that Software Engineers are definitely real Engineers.
From our Community
I have shared my recent experience with adding my eating schedule to my work calendar in Slack, and I want to share this insight with you.
A couple of months ago I’ve added slots for when I take food (breakfast, snack time, etc) into my work calendar.
I take food ~5 times a day, and having those slots with notifications resulted in interesting effects:
- I do not think about whether I need to eat something at the moment, as I know I can rely on the calendar. This resulted in much less sweet stuff consumption, which is my main dietary problem 
- Those notifications force me to make breaks when I tend to not do that
- Having such slots allowed me to have breaks between the meetings scheduled into my calendar
- I do have time to cook, as the time is accounted in those slots
This is how Friday looks in my calendar (both work + personal cals):
My days now include a shared schedule of my diet plan
My days now include a shared schedule of my diet plan
I hope you liked this issue of the Digest and found it helpful!
If you have some comments or questions, feel free to reply to this email and we’ll have a talk!
I really ❤️ feedback.
Founder of Metadevelopment.
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