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How to Join the Resistance and Code Stoically

How to Join the Resistance and Code Stoically
By Metadevelopment Digest • Issue #21 • View online

👩‍💻 Career and Business Stuff
Beginner’s Guide to Attending Conferences—while quarantined, you can use this opportunity to prepare for your next conference
Why Consulting Is A Job Everyone Needs To Experience—overview of the benefits you can get out of consulting career
ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟ ᴍɪᴇssʟᴇʀ
For people who've been working for a long time, one way to think about whether you’re in the right job, or the right field, is to ask how many people can do it better than you.

12:38 PM - 14 Feb 2020
🙉 Life Stuff
COVID-19: Analysis, resources and how you can help - 80,000 Hours—great collection of resources if you want to join the resistance 👾
Epidemic Modeling 101: Or why your CoVID-19 exponential fits are wrong—a fun introduction into epidemic math to help you navigate in the world of disinformation
Wisdom (?) of Crowdshow the wisdom of crowds works and when 🧙
Ben Tossell
there's one, dominant no-code stack:

webflow, zapier, airtable and memberstack.

you can do almost anything with it. there isn't a more powerful one right now.

there's all-in-one tools too.
4:10 PM - 25 Feb 2020
⚙️ Tech Stuff
ultrasaurus/test-first-teachingTest-First Teaching is a highly efficient way to teach beginners how to code. Check this repo out to see some examples. 👨‍🏫
Should I Use A Microservices Architecture?—probably, no, but it’s a great guide 🔬
Katie Hempenius
Free books on reliability (from Google SRE):

- Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems

- The Site Reliability Workbook

- Building Secure & Reliable Systems
9:22 PM - 6 Apr 2020
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