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How to Stop Worrying and Start Working Remotely 🦠

In the last week, the work has changed: many of us found themselves working in a very unusual setting
How to Stop Worrying and Start Working Remotely 🦠
By Metadevelopment Digest • Issue #20 • View online
In the last week, the work has changed: many of us found themselves working in a very unusual setting—at their own home—suppressed by anxiety and uncertainty. While for many people remote work may sound like a dream, for many of us it became a challenge. Today we brought for you a few tips to help you deal with anxiety and remote work from the best psychologists and fully-remote companies. 🤗
Be safe!—Vlad, co-founder at Metadevelopment

Tips on Working Remotely

Tools we use for organizing remote work at Metadevelopment:

👩‍💻 Career and Business Stuff
Accelerate your career with a Personal Board of Directors | Paul Banoub’s VizNinja Blog — An interesting overview of different kinds of partners and mentors you need to boost your career
justinamiller/SoftwareArchitect: Path to a Software Architect — A good general overview for a Software Architect career
🙉 Life Stuff
SQ3R and SQ4R — two processes for studying smarter
John Cutler
@osamakhn I like to use this to sort of unpack a particular org culture.

You do find groups I guess.
9:35 PM - 1 Feb 2020
⚙️ Tech Stuff
Type the World — An interesting piece on types
Cargo Cult Software Engineering - Steve McConnell — An interesting take on processes in organisations
Daniel Vassallo
If you’re a programmer, you can:

- Make SaaS products
- Write eBooks
- Make apps
- Create video courses
- Do freelancing
- Give live training
- Do paid support
- Publish a paid newsletter

If you accumulate $325/day from doing many of these at the same time, you’ll make $10K/mo.
6:08 PM - 8 Feb 2020
🎁 Bonus
The secret is easy: you need to ask questions to those ideas you find in every book.
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