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Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #10

Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #10
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Hi fellows!
At Metadevelopment, we put a big focus on your personal life and sustainability of work-life balance. We do not think that your career and life are separate entities.
You work is influencing your happiness and well-being the same way as your general lifestyle.
We are focusing onΒ mindsetΒ andΒ actions. And we are glad to share few practical things you can do to start balancing your life. Check them out on our blog and have a good rest on the weekend!
Alex Migutsky, MTDV Co-Founder

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Career and Business Stuff
The idea maze 🧩
The Resignation Counter Offer and the Danger It Presents β€” Should you accept a counter offer?
Remote only β€” manifesto and tips from Gitlab. We actually adopted a shorter version for our team πŸŒ‹
Paul Graham
When people from big companies start startups, they often make the mistake of reproducing aspects of big companies that are actually flaws, because they think this is just how companies work.
πŸ™‰ Life Stuff
Nilesh Trivedi
"This industry often speaks of the 10x developer, and not a lot about the 10x environment. Most people who appear to be 10x developers are simply lucky enough to be working in a 10x environment." - @dhh
βš™οΈ Tech Stuff
πŸš€ Created by MTDV Community Members
React Native Easy Router β€” Screen navigation for React Native
πŸ’Ž Current MTDV Quest: Physical Exercising
The goal of the quest:
Try doing 7-Minute Workout or yoga constantly during the upcoming 2 weeks.
Further details:
Wonder what the Quests are? Here is a short introduction 😌
🎁 Bonus
There is one thing people are always missing when they start engineering their life.Β This thing is a good metric system. How do you measure and estimate your progress? What values do you need to optimize when you are making decisions?Β 
For this exact case we suggest using TEMS Model. πŸ”₯
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