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Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #17

Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #17
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🙉 Life Stuff
Chris Herd
Remote work benefits I never considered:

💄'less time/money on makeup'
🍻'no after-work expectations'
🍔'Save a fortune on lunches'
🚗'family only needs one car'
📢'feel heard by colleagues'
👔'no expensive uniforms'
🚸'get kids from school'

I'm sure there are hundreds more?
⚙️ Tech Stuff
🚀 Created by MTDV Community Members
🎁 Bonus
Very often, the essence of laziness, procrastination and lack of determination are our fears and limiting beliefs. The chance that your are not really lazy is quite high. 
The biggest blocker in achieving things we want is not that we are lazy or having low willpower or having no time. The biggest blockers are our fears and our limiting beliefs.
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