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Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #2

Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #2
By Metadevelopment • Issue #2 • View online

👩‍💻 Career and Business Stuff
How to Raise an Employee’s IQ by 10 Points in 2 Minutes — A really good advice on empowering your employees and coworkers.
Why Data Science Teams Need Generalists, Not Specialists — An interesting take on generalization in engineering research
AndreyAzimov’s 7 days experiment of removing Free Plan — Finished with… 5x MRR!!! 🤑
Meng To
We’re hiring early designers and coders. 80% of our team started with zero experience. Here’s why. Thread.
8:57 AM - 7 Mar 2019
Robert Wiblin
See that recent study claiming that if you shorten the work week to 4 days people get just as much work done?

I looked into it, and as expected the evidence for that claim from the trial is weak indeed:
2:24 AM - 26 Feb 2019
🙉 Life Stuff
A New Kind of Learning? — A very good panel discussion about “new learning”
Why do remote meetings suck so much? — A very interesting perspective on meetings
Asking for Advice Makes People Think You’re Smarter ­— One more good reason to join MTDV Community 😉
The year social networks were no longer social — In praise of private communities
⚙️ Tech Stuff
🚀 Created by MTDV Community Members
Tractions by Alexei Crecotun — An app for tracking your actions, change habits and never live on auto-pilot again
💎 Current MTDV Quest: Self-Analysis
The goal of the quest:
- Use Self-Analysis tool to assess yourself.
- Analyse how you current context (job, profession, relationships, practices) maps to the results of the self-analysis.
Wonder what the Quests are? Here is a short introduction 😌
🎁 Bonus
GitHub - mtdvio/every-programmer-should-know: A collection of (mostly) technical things every software developer should know
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