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Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #5

Hi everyone! Today we had a very nice day — we submitted our digest to Product Hunt, and this means t
Metadevelopment Digest - Issue #5
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Hi everyone!
Today we had a very nice day — we submitted our digest to Product Hunt, and this means that our crowd has grown a bit! So I’m excited to welcome all new subscribers and to say “Thank you!” to everyone for your feedback and support! You are awesome! ❤️

Have a nice weekend!
Vladyslav Siriniok, Metadevelopment co-founder

👩‍💻 Career and Business Stuff
Sam Altman
Generally the highest ROI comes from getting even better in areas where you're already strong, not improving in areas where you're weak.

There are important exceptions, but most people focus on their weaknesses too much.
3:29 PM - 20 Apr 2019
🙉 Life Stuff
I think the trick with learning is rarely gaining the new skill and almost always about how to integrate that skill into your life.—Daniel Miessler
Batesian Mimicry: Why Copycats Are Successful — few interesting insights from biology
Alexey Migutsky
The best things I’ve done to my health during the last couple of years are:

1. Got rid of my workaholism (it was the hardest)

2. Got better with emotional hygiene (psychotherapy + self-help really help a lot)

3. Created a relaxing environment at home to chill
1:35 PM - 28 Apr 2019
⚙️ Tech Stuff
💎 Current MTDV Quest: Internal Dialogue Hacking
The goals of the quest:
- Notice your inner voice and it’s style.
- Try using reframing techniques.
Further details:
Wonder what the Quests are? Here is a short introduction 😌
🎁 Bonus
Free article from MTDV: Power of the Community! 🔥
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